Message From the Desk of Administrator

Education is a tool for igniting minds and realizing the fact that each individual's mind is dynamite waiting to be kindled. Ram Shrestha Singh College of education provides a platform to its budding pupil teachers and faculty to grow together professionally and gain heights not scaled earlier.

It is instilled in the students' minds that the word “impossible” is found in the dictionary of fools. So they attempt the impossible and attain newer insights and convictions which would pave the way for future.
Our good results are the sequel of combined efforts put in by ardent and assiduous students and faculty. Life is an echo, what you send out you get back, what you give, you get. Hence loves all hate none. Attitude is everything. With the right attitude you gain altitudes

We are here not to play,
To dream, to drift
We have hard work to do
And Loads to lift,
Shun not the struggle,
It is God's gift

Rajeev Ranjan