Message From Founder Secretary

With great pride and heartiest delight, I welcome you to RSSC (TTW). The basic goat of education is the same at all times and in all places. All of us knows that education is a tool with which we can reach oout to the top and establish ourselves with the other developed countries. It cannot be claimed to be successful if we have a few brilliant student amongst our vast masss of pupils. What we really need is to raise the level of our students in the matter of intellectual competence, perhaps even more so in self confidence.

We understand you are architects of the society we are making efforts to provide congenial enviroment for ones trainees to bloom. We want our trainees to have lives filled with knowledge, teaching skills, friendships, love and high deeds. We want them to be eager to learn and be willing to confront challenges. I am reminded here of two say firstly by Anatole France "Let our Teaching be full of ideas-here to it has been stuffed only with facts". Secondly by Swami Vivekananda "If education were identical with information, the libraries would be the greatest sages in the world and the encyclopedias the rishis".

Durring the academic session, our focus would be on improvement of our existing infrastructure. I hope that our teacher educators would put in more efforts in this new session and try to establish congenial learning enviroment in relation to improve the quality of education, being imparted in this district.

Ram Shreshta Singh College came into existence in 1988 at Chochahan village after a great deal of paonstaking effort for the noble purpose of educating rural masses for fulfilling their aspiration of higher education wherein no such institutions exist. Since then it is imparting better conventional education. 

Being as a social reformer, a humanist, a pioneer with a good foresight in the field of education and a true son of the soil of Chochhan, I couldn't close my eyes on the educational backwardness. So, I initiated the process of establishing a coventional degree college by donating sizeable part of my ancestralland. The college is located in a totally green surrounding of Muzaffarpur district of North Bihar situated near the river Vishlaya. It is away from the madding crowd of the city.

The surrounding around the college is calm, quiet, serene and congenial for learning. The village was known as Belugram(Venugram) in ancient days. it is the same place where Lord Gautam Budha visited from Ambpali forest. He spent four rainy seasons in Budha Kuti at Venugram which is the historical place including Amrvan, Venugram Ashram, Balikaram Ashram and Bidolya Tila. This villege is 55 kms away from the state capital patna, 40 kms away from Hajipur and 25 kms away from Muzaffarpur.

Ramshreshtha Singh
(Founder Secretary)